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Anupama 17 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (17-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Anupama 17th December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Vanraj moves way angrily informing Anu must accomplish whatever she desires. Baa tries to block him & informs Anu that Vanraj is right, its important to cage that nagin/Rakhi.

in case she could accomplish that afterwards its okay, she’ll be accountable for whatever happens; she has been a spouse, daughter in law/DIL, mom & as of now had become mother in law/MIL, hence her responsibilities rised 4 fold. Anu is amazed to hear MIL.

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Baa states it sounds easy to be MIL, however quite tough to manage; she has been managing between her spouse & son & as of now she’s to manage between her son & DIL.

As of now she’s to distribute her son with her DIL & her DIL going to show her right on her son & he’ll follow his own spouse; she’s to tolerate all this as she’s to keep the entire family united.

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Even in case she loves her DIL over a daughter, she’ll be named MIL; even she’d becomes MIL from a mom & knows all this; her son has made her MIL instantly.

Anu smiles reminiscing telling Kinjal tha tshe desires to be DIL’s friend, Baa’s advice, and so on. She prays god to hold her hand in new journey of a new relationship, reminds that she desired to becomes a mom than MIL.

Kinjal cries & informs Toshu that everybody are upset due to them. Toshu requests her to relax as they didn’t have any different option.

Pakhi suggests her not to worry as they already wedded. Samar informs Pakhi that she’s not understanding the seriousness of problem, however Kinjal shouldn’t worry as she’s her MIL to handle problems.

Anu arrives informing maa/mom & not MIL. She imagines kids have made a error, however she needs to clarify & handle them in place of scolding them in this time. She informs them that they made a error, however what’s the utilize after creating a error; the path they taken is not easy, however when they’ve chosen it.

they’ve walk using bearing the hurdles (or) else they won’t be able to approach anybody; its easy to break a heart, however not easy to reunite it; they want to influence dear ones whom they angered; they’re couple as of now & not children, couple want to know that in case a fight is with themselves.

they want to win, however in case its with entire family, they must lose; they want to follow all this responsibilities as a son & DIL; they want to regain trust of entire family members.

not only this however also Rakhi & Pramod’s; they’ll be happy only in case parents & whole entire family blesses them. They both touch her ft. She blesses & hugs them emotionally.

states she’ll be all the time with them in their own each step, they may be successful (or) not, however we together going to try.

Baa vents out her anger ahead of Bapuji states from Vanraj left house, she didn’t gain out home to ignore neighbour’s queries, however Rakhi declared openly & everybody have been recording video clips & would’ve circulated it, they can’t show their own face to anybody as of now.

Bapuji states she’s worried regarding her dignity, they have been in deep problem, great Toshu & Kinjal repatriated house at the right time (or) else Anu would were in jail. Baa states this relationship is troublesome from the starting. Bapuji states she must handle the problem in place of demonstrating anger.

when she’s fell in a river, she needs to learn swimming. Baa states her globe is drowned; she wasn’t happy when her bahu had come & even as of now when her bahu’s bahu had come; storm hasn’t suspended yet, it’ll come with complete enforce, this has been just a gush of air.

Rakhi munches cake to destress herself murmuring she needs to celebrate her daughter’s marriage; destressing for her means destroyal, Anupama must await for her attack.

Anu prepaers kheer thinking she’ll feed sweets to everybody. Kinjal moves in calling her mummy. Anu performs her nazar & states 25 yrs. it has been similar in the morning & a bahu named her MIL similar, afterwards it has been her & as of now its Kinjal; when devi’s new idol arrives house, they respect it; a devi has entered maa Annapurna’s temple/kitchen, she’ll respect her with folded hands.

Kinjal requests what’s she doing. Anu states she’s a shadow of maa Annapurna & MIL must salute her once. She feeds her dry fruit & states in case she desires to work (or) research, she’s to do ritual similarly; kitchen is not her globe, her globe is quite big with her workplace, her studies, her spouse, and so on, she must follow every responsibility by heart. Kinjal states she understood she’s great, however didn’t really know she’s so cool.

Anu gifts her bangles as shagun & states she’s only this, however assures to gift her something shortly; Baa gifted these bangles to her & she’s gifting it to Kinjal. Kinjal gratitude her & states she can’t be too great like her, however going to try.

Anu pampers her. Baa gets angry seeing their own bonding & comments halwa won’t be sweet with sweets talks however with sugar. Anu requests Kinjal to pray god’s photo 1st & afterwards rest rituals before beginning cooking every in the morning & teaches her to develop halwa. Kinjal finishes getting ready halwa & serves it in bowls. Anu requests her to service it to Kanhaji/god 1st & afterwards entire family. Kinjal follows her.

Bapuji moves to them smelling halwa, however stops seeing Anu. Anu states today is Kinjal’s 1st kitchen session, so he could have some of the.

Bapuji takes bowl from Kinjal & imparts her shagun. Anu signals Kinjal to service it to Baa. Baa yells that previously bahu habituated to learn cooking from her mom’s home, however as of now they just come in without sanskars, Kinjal is following her mom & wearing sleeveless clothes.

Baa requests her to forgive Kinjal & accept halwa made by her. Baa yells Kinjal’s mom threw chillies on them & as of now she had come to service halwa. She continues yelling.

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First episode date: 13 July 2024
Story by: Namita Vartak
Directed by: Romesh Kalra
Network: StarPlus
Number of episodes: 63

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Anupamaa Cast

  • Rupali Ganguly as the main lead Anupamaa
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as Anupamaa’s husband Vanraj

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