Andhra Pradesh intelligence department conducts police dog test

Krishna: The Intelligence Dept. of AP police conducted the annual inspection of police dogs in Krishna dist.. The performances of 7 police dogs have been assessed by intelligence dog squad Inspector Srinivas Rao in Machilipatnam PS (police station).

Thereafter, police checked the 7 dogs’ performance, their own protection & maintenance of kennels.

The inspection included tests for the animals in identifying & detecting out the explosives in luggage amongst remaining. They have been also tested on their own ability of detecting out the different material inside vehicles.

Inspector Srinivas Rao expressed satisfaction with the performance of all dogs.

“Tests have been held for police dog on just how they’ll identify criminals & their own materials utilizing tracker dog scent,” stated Rao.

On successful completion of the inspection, these police dogs going to go on the ground, he added further.

Veterinary doctor S Pratap, dog squad inspector GR Ramachandra Reddy & dog squad employees participated within the program.