Al-Shabab attack: four Somalian soldiers killed

Hyderabad(Hyd): In an al-Shabab attack on an outpost 60 kilometres west of the Somali port town of Kismayo almost 4 Somali warriors have been died & a U.S. service member has been wounded Mon..

The warriors had passed away when a vehicle-borne explosive device hit their own camp early Mon. stated, a Sr. leader within the Jubaland local administration informed VOA Somali.

Multiple different warriors have been injured, involving a U.S. service member. The officer said the U.S. warrior suffered wounds to a leg.

A spokesperson for the United States Africa Command affirmed that a U.S. warrior has been wounded within the attack. Colonel Chris Karns informed VOA that the incident happened in Jana Abdalle in a time when the U.S. & Somali enforces have been implementing an advice, help & accompany mission.

The U.S. service member is now in stable condition & getting medication for wounds that aren’t discussed to be life-threatening, as per Karns.

Karns stated the militants utilized a vehicle employed as an improvised explosive device & mortar fire. At the least 1 al-Shabab fighter has been died within the attack, he stated.

The Sr. Jubaland officer informed VOA Somali that the suicide vehicle, driving in high speed, reached the outpost as warriors fired on it in an trying to detonate it before it approached them.

Somali & U.S. enforces captured the region from al-Shabab on Sat.. Local authorities stated the region is a strategic economic hub for al-Shabab, that utilizes it to collect tax & different extortion from commercial vehicles & goods traveling in Somalia & to Kenya.